My Workstation PC (“The Force”)

PC: Self-concept / Assembled by: Informatique BV / Computer Store: Berkel & Rodenrijs (Rotterdam)


Mobo Gigabyte GA-EP45T-UD3R (Bios: F6)
CPU Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 @ 3.400 MHz, 1.136V (FSB: 400×8.5)
Memory 2 x OCZ Platinum PC3-12800 1600MHz DDR3 (4GB) @ 7-7-7-20, 2T (1N)
Boot Drive 2 x OCZ Vertex Turbo SSD 30GB @ 60GB RAID 0 (128K stripe, 8K sectors [1:1], 2MB offset) – random access time [AS SSD Benchmark R/W]: 0.13/0.20 ms
2nd Drive 2 x Seagate Barracuda 7200.12 HDD 500GB @ 1TB RAID 0 (128K stripe, 8K sectors [16:1], 2MB offset) – average access time [short stroked]: 8 ms
GPU Asus EN9600GT Silent/2D/HTDI 512MB, PCIe
Sound Asus Xonar D1 7.1, LP, PCI
CPU Cooler Arctic Cooling Freezer Xtreme Rev.1
Gamer Case Antec Nine Hundred Two
Power Supply Be Quiet! Dark Power Pro Edition (P7), 450W
Optical Drive Pioneer DVR-117F DVDRW
OS XP Professional x64 Edition SP2 (SXP June 2009)
System Tools LSoft Active Boot Disk Suite v4.1.4
Paragon Partition Manager v10.0 Server
O&O DiskImage 4Professional Edition (x64)
Diskeeper 2010 Home Edition with HyperFast

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